Renowned designer and potter Jonathan Adler has launched his first-ever ceramic tile collection in collaboration with Lunada Bay Tile. Shelter Island by Jonathan Adler, a ceramic tile collection inspired by the sun, the sand, the clouds, and the architecture of the designer’s Long Island, New York home, is exclusive to Lunada Bay Tile authorized dealers.  

Known for his glamorous interiors, Adler is a paradox—creating exuberant and eclectic interiors juxtaposed by a refined elegance. 

“From the moment I first touched clay as a 12-year-old at summer camp, I felt a connection. From that moment, it was ON:  I saw the world through clay,” Adler said. “My collection with Lunada Bay Tile – inspired by my home on Shelter Island in the Hamptons – combines modern design with the impeccable craftsmanship of traditional hand-sculpted Japanese ceramics. I hope you like it as much as I do.” 

Jonathan Adler Shelter Island (2).jpg 

Feras Irikat, director of design and marketing, Lunada Bay Tile, told Tile magazine (sister publication to Floor Trends) that the creative collaborative between Jonathan Adler and Lunada Bay Tile offers something fresh and energizing to the marketplace—a sophisticated and playful blend of texture, dimension, and color in handcrafted ceramic tile. The Shelter Island color palette is inspired by the tones of the land, sea, and air surrounding Jonathan’s iconic home, and these quiet, semi-matte hues are harmonious with both minimalist and maximalist spaces.  

"There’s always an influence that forces our minds to restructure the way we live, the way we interact with the environment, and the way we use that environment," Irikat said. "One main trend that’s emerging in design now is the search for ‘more personal expression’ and ‘more art’, and this tile collection is art. It’s an artistic, collaborative interpretation of Jonathan’s whimsical and light-hearted approach to high design expressed through dimensional, handcrafted ceramic tile." 

Today, in addition to pottery, Adler designs furnishings, textiles, lighting, as well as home interiors, hotels and retail establishments around the globe – and now tile. The new Shelter Island tile series offers a chic new look and adds modern American glamor to residential and commercial spaces. 

"The collection features dimensional and textural designs that add interest to walls in virtually any room of the home—no reason to confine tile to just the bath, spa or kitchen backsplash," Irikat said. "In a commercial installation, whether that be retail, hospitality or an office, tile can totally define a space…. commercial spaces typically allow designers to go bigger and bolder—tiles from the Shelter Island series can be used as the ultimate design statement, and one that can be personalized to any space."

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