Mapei's Mapeguard Board is a multi-purpose support panel for installing ceramic tiles. Waterproof and light, it is recommended for creating dividing elements, wall linings and supports for interior furnishing features.

The panel may be used to level off walls out of plumb and existing surfaces with deteriorated/damaged plaster or old tiling. Thanks to its excellent waterproofing properties, it may also be used in bathrooms and damp settings in general to create dividers or supports for furnishing features, such as surrounds for washbasins and sanitary fittings, as well as benches and seats in wellness and SPA centres.

Mapeguard Board is available in various sizes and thicknesses so they can be adapted to suit numerous application conditions. It may be applied on various types of substrate (concrete, cementitious and gypsum render, ceramic wall tiles and structures made from wood) and has been developed to make it easier to bond ceramic tiles, mosaics and natural stone to surfaces and to apply skim coats.

Also, the special layout of the panels makes them easier to cut to size and indications useful for tilers and installers may be added on the surface of the panels.

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