HMTX Director of Sustainability and Impact Arthur Clarke was named a Living Future Hero by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) during a virtual award ceremony at the Living Future 2022 conference on May 13. The Living Future Hero Award was created to acknowledge and celebrate individuals in the regenerative design community who have dedicated significant time and effort to advancing the Living Future programs and mission. Heroes exceed expectations in advancing environmental advocacy, championing Living Future products and products, and sharing this vision with their peers.

“You have been such an incredible advocate for and supporter of ILFI in so many ways," said Lindsay Baker, CEO of ILFI. "I want to thank you personally for everything that you have done to support our mission to create a future that is socially just, culturally rich, and ecologically restorative.”

In accepting the Living Future Hero award, Clarke addressed the question “Why are you working towards a Living Future?" He expanded upon the concept of how privilege interferes with the basic rights that are currently accessible by only a portion of the population, rights that not only make it possible to survive, but to thrive: safe and healthy housing, clean air and potable water, nutritious food, advanced education, and comprehensive healthcare.

“A living future is one where everyone is afforded the same opportunities and allocated the same tools to pursue their ambitions, to realize their potential and to live a life of fulfillment," Clarke said. "A living future is one in which everyone is the greatest architect of their own destiny. Until we purge privilege from our society, such a future will be impossible for us to build.”

 Rochelle Routman, chief sustainability and impact officer, commented: “Arthur Clarke is extremely deserving of this award, as he is a tireless champion of ILFI’s values: transparency, protection of human health and the environment, and authenticity. HMTX is proud of Arthur’s achievements in sustainability and impact, and we support him, along with so many others, as he continues to make positive change in the world.”