Mannington Mills recently partnered with the National Wood Flooring Association to support the Gary Sinise Foundation R.I.S.E. program, which builds specially adapted smart homes for severely wounded veterans. Mannington donated hardwood flooring for the new Vista, California, home of U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant (Ret.) Stuart DiPaolo who served multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

During a training exercise at Camp Pendleton, DiPaolo suffered life-changing injuries when his all-terrain vehicle rolled over on a weathered course and its roll bar crushed his head. His neck and every bone in his face were broken, his right-side carotid artery was severed, and his left eye was detached from the optical nerve. DiPaolo lost his sight in one eye, and his left arm and leg were paralyzed.

In the seven years since his injury, it became increasingly clear that the Marine (now retired, and a husband and father of two) needed a home customized to his physical needs so he could move forward with life in a more independent way. The Gary Sinise Foundation R.I.S.E. program has made that possible with the completion of this home. 

 “Many Mannington associates and their family members have served in the military, so we jumped at the opportunity to work with the NWFA and Gary Sinise Foundation,” said John Hammel, senior director of hardwood and laminate at Mannington.  “We were honored to provide our Cider Mill Oak hardwood flooring for this home. It not only looks beautiful, but creates a durable, continuous surface for easy wheelchair navigation. We are grateful to Staff Sergeant DiPaolo for his service, and hope that he and his family will enjoy their new home for many years to come.”

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