Independent flooring retailers now have the opportunity to sell ArmorWood, AHF Products' densified wood technology, through the Robbins brand. 

“We know today’s consumers aspire for real, authentic hardwood as their number one flooring choice but often compromises due to performance concerns when pets are a part of household living," said Steve Staikos, general sales manager, AHF Products.  "ArmorWood answers the bell on both fronts – hardwood authenticity without sacrificing performance."

The company said ArmorWood Densified Hardwood, which uses a patent-pending process to create hardened wood, is up to six times more dent resistant, up to four times more scratch resistant, and its face veneer up to 2.8 times thicker than competitive 0.6mm paper-thin face veneer products. ArmorWood has equivalent performance as SPC and Laminate along with being superior to traditional solid and traditional engineered wood.

As a result, the customer gets a 100% natural hardwood floor, made in the U.S., that not only fends off gouges from a dog’s nails, but also is waterproof (eight hours top-down protection), protecting floors from the occasional pet accident. It also makes ArmorWood a great choice for basements and kitchens. The brand's "Cleanativity" antimicrobial coating technology inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that could damage the floor.

"We are providing market exclusivity to participating retailers, so that their product mix is different from the store a mile down the road," Staikos said. 

ArmorWood sliced face visuals look like solid hardwood, and uniformed wire brushing techniques are indicative of designer European solid white oak floors, offering a luxurious look and feel.

"We have listened to consumers who are looking for innovative ways to make everyday tasks easier, without sacrificing style," Staikos added. 

Consumers can see how Robbins floors look in with the Visualizer tool. Retailers have a wealth of inspiration to work remotely or in the showroom with consumers. Dealers can help customers immediately see what their floor will look like, and follow-up with actual samples.