Stonhard, a New Jersey-based manufacturer and installer of high-performance seamless floor, wall, and lining systems, introduced its FE series for three decorative broadcast flooring products. Developed to offer a smooth, commercial finish for floors traditionally installed in industrial markets, Stonshield FE, Stonblend FE, and Stontec FE can be installed quickly, offer a wide range of custom design options, are easy to clean, and provide excellent slip and stain resistance. 

“We're excited to add the new FE systems to our Stonshield, Stonblend, and Stontec product families because it has a smooth, decorative finish for customers in markets like hospitality and education, as well as front-of-house spaces like lobbies, corridors, offices, and bathrooms in any facility,” said David Jarema, product engineer, Stonhard. “Add to that enhanced turnaround time and superior cleanability, this system ensures a reduced labor cost and reduced maintenance for the facility.” 

FE systems utilize flex epoxy combined with quartz aggregates for Stonshield and Stonblend floors and combined with color flakes for Stontec floors. FE systems are available in three standard sealer options: high gloss, satin, and matte.