Ecore, a manufacturer of safe, ergonomic and acoustic performance surfaces for commercial and athletic markets, has added the new Mod15 ShockPad as an option in its Performance Modzilla system. With the introduction of Mod15, Ecore’s Performance Modzilla athletic flooring system is now available in a 1-inch system, designed for extreme and Olympic-style weightlifting and functional training applications.

Ecore's Performance Modzilla 1-inch system features Performance Beast rolls field united to the floating and interlocking Mod15 ShockPad to create a durable system with extreme shock absorption. When combined, the triple durometer system provides a floating solution that offers extreme force reduction and does not need to be adhered to the subfloor, making it an ideal choice for facilities repurposing existing spaces.

“Balancing energy restitution and force reduction, our new Mod15 ShockPad, when combined with Performance Beast, creates a 1-inch athletic flooring system which is heavily desired within the industry,” said Bo Barber, chief growth and innovation officer at Ecore. “The simplicity of the system alone makes it especially appealing to the facilities who prefer easy-to-install floating systems without sacrificing durability and performance.”

Available now in both 15mm and 32mm Vulcanized Composition Rubber (VCR) interlocking tiles, Modzilla is an ultra-thick, heavy-duty ShockPad. Performance Beast or 14.5mm Performance Beast Plus rolls can be field united to a floating Mod15 or Mod32 interlocking ShockPad tile.

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