Infinity Drain, a manufacturer of architectural and decorative drains, introduces a tool for homeowners, showrooms, designers and specifiers that takes the guesswork out of choosing a shower drain. The new Product Selector is a step-by-step, visual and intuitive wizard that can be used to find the right drain for residential and commercial shower applications.

An invaluable asset for anyone as they specify new projects or renovations, the pictorial tool guides the user through every step; from selecting the style, barrier free accessibility, waterproofing method, flow rate, etc. to find all the possible options for each choice in both center or linear drains. If someone is unsure about the answer to a particular question - they can skip it and still find a complete list of options to share with Infinity Drain or a showroom, specifier or plumbing/installation expert to help make final choice. Search results can be saved and shared via email, pdf or text.

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