Bjelin, a part of the Pervanovo Invest AB Group and develops and manufactures a wide product range of both traditional wooden floors and innovative floors from new materials, will participate in the BAU trade fair on April 17-22, 2023, in Munich, where they will show several – soon to be released – flooring products as well as technologies by sister company, Välinge Innovation.

BAU’s focus is on architecture, materials and systems. With sustainability at the core, Bjelin will display exciting new formats and colors from the revolutionary Hardened Wood range and beautiful Parquet floors.

“We will demonstrate the innovative technologies incorporated into our Bjelin floors and will display our yet-to-be-released flooring range, with fresh designs and formats at BAU,” said Dominik Birt, Sales & Marketing Director at Bjelin. 

The Hardened Wood floors feature the patented Woodura technology, which is a high-quality solution to produce more sustainable real wood floors. With this technology, you produce ten times more product from the same amount of timber while making the floor up to three times as strong as traditional wood floors. 

The Parquet floors consist of three layers, with the different layers of wood fibers running in perpendicular directions to each other. These layers are locked into each other, reducing the natural movement of the wood and providing a stable floor. 

Bjelin’s sister company, Välinge Innovation, will also be at BAU to demonstrate the ground-breaking technologies used in Bjelin’s floors, like Woodura, Liteback and 5G Dry - the water-resistant floor locking system that means a fast, easy and durable installation with a watertight joint. This technology ensures no leakage through the floor panels without needing extra coating or chemicals. 

Bjelin will also show products and furniture from furniture makers Bjelin Spin Valis and Bjelin Spačva, together with the associated design brand, Metoda – companies that Bjelin have purchased recently.

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