ASTM International has published its ASTM F3441-23 guidelines for measuring pH below resilient flooring installations. This standard has been in the making for more than six years through the guidance of the F06 Committee headed by Dean Craft, principal, ISE Logik. 

In 1998, ASTM published the F710 standard practice to prepare a concrete slab for resilient flooring. The pH testing requirement resided under F710 until 2021. According to Craft, "This all began around 2016. The idea was to remove pH from F710, but at the same time or before, create a standalone standard so the industry was not left without."

Due to COVID and other challenges, adoption of the pH testing standard as a standalone document was delayed. This left the industry with no official guidelines to point to. It is important to note that these standards go through a rigorous process to reach approval. In November 2022, the standard passed the F06 committee. 

Manufacturers, installers and project teams can now utilize this standard as part of the process for resilient flooring installation. 

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