Originally launched in 2021, the Open Air collection from Interface is an expansive platform of affordable, hard-working carpet tile styles designed with open spaces in mind. Available in the company’s best-selling neutrals, Open Air has become one of Interface’s most sought-after carpet tile collections thanks to innovations in both design and manufacturing that allow the company to create the same high-quality, high-performance carpet products end-users expect at one low price point.  

Building on this success, Interface has introduced seven new colors in the collection, including classic cools like Mist and Navy; warmer shades like Amber, Oat, Shell and Brown; and Ebony, a subtle, sophisticated inky tone.  

Select Open Air products feature Interface’s i2 smart design innovation, which mimics the random beauty of a forest floor through tile-to-tile variations in pattern, color and texture, creating substantial pattern variation within each style. The result is a one-of-a-kind floorscape every time, beautifully varied but cohesive like one found in nature.  

The Open Air collection is made using processes and materials that result in a low carbon footprint, like 100% recycled content nylon. In fact, Interface’s carpet tile portfolio offers the lowest carbon footprint in the commercial flooring industry – before any offsets. Also, as part of the company’s Carbon Neutral Floors program, all Interface flooring products – including the Open Air styles – are carbon neutral across their full product life cycle, helping designers reduce the carbon footprint of their spaces and improve the health of the planet.

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