I4F, a group of companies providing patents and technologies to the flooring industry based in Turnhout, Belgium, announced that Barlinek SA. has signed an i4F digital printing technologies cluster license agreement for the use of Hymmen digital printing and digital embossing equipment. 

The Barlinek Group, based in Poland, is a multilayer flooring manufacturer serving the residential and commercial sectors in the United States and Europe. The company will install the Hymmen digital printing line at its facility in Poland and is expected to begin SPC production in fourth quarter 2023. Production capacity is estimated to exceed 108 million square feet per year. 

Barlinek selected Hymmen equipment, with an I4F digital printing technologies license, as part of its growth strategy to extend market reach through scalable personalization.

"We will be able to produce exactly the right amount of more collections in beautifully textured digitally printed décors," said Barlinek Group CEO Wojciech Michalowsk. 

Digital printing is defining the future of flooring as it enables limitless designs as well as embossing-in-register flexibility, on a wide range of materials," said I4F CEO John Rietveldt. "This means faster response times to customer requests and market trends while maintaining high quality and profitability.”

See Rietveldt discuss here SPC technologies at Domotex 2023 in this video