When it comes to ceramic tile, trends are continuously evolving. One thing that remains constant is the use of geometry. From common shapes like squares or rectangles to more complex ones like hexagons or trapezoids, the design options are endless.

Ceramic firms around the globe are pushing the limits of tile design and breaking the norm of common installation. In 2023, residential and even commercial flooring locations aim to make a statement, allowing creativity to run wild. Below, we highlight some iconic usage of geometric shapes that are trending this year.

vertex.jpgVertex by Cifre Ceramica


Three-Dimensional Design

Ceramic tiles with relief have become a design trend to add contrast in walls. With three-dimensional design, the tiles integrate the light and shadow to create a more interesting perspective depending on the lighting or time of day. Vertex by Cifre Ceramica combines different textures in the same material: small format, impossible reliefs, intense shine and metallic finishes. Eclipse by Realonda plays on lighting heavily with a variety of textures.

“If [the tile’s relief] is more than about a millimeter of change from the high spot to the low spot, it's meant to be on a wall. They tend to keep the really heavily structured stuff for walls, and we're seeing a lot more of that,” said Ryan Fasan, creative and technical consultant, Tile of Spain.

Evoque by Decocer


Decocer incorporates 3D volume to hexagons, pieces that can be combined with flat pieces, allowing playing between smooth and volumes to design murals full of life and movement. With them, designers and interior decorators can make all kinds of patterns on the walls and allow thousands of creative possibilities and customization of housing or retail.

“Manufacturers are offering kind of a whole package with a lot of different options so that there's that common ground between the floor and wall programs,” said Fasan.

Unusual Shapes

EQUIPE_Kasbah Fawn.jpgKasbah Fawn by Equipe


Trending in both walls and floors, the use of out-of-the-ordinary shaped tiles are bound to make a statement. The Kasbah Collection from Equipe is a porcelain tile that comes as a base, which is shaped like an ‘X’, along with a star or smaller squares that fit between to complete each other. These tiles come in a variety of colors to mix and match.

Decocer’s take on unusual geometries are ones in the shape of seabird feathers. Along with its pickets designs, the tiles are made to fit together to form continuous patterns. 

Hexagons are another unusual geometric shape that the tile industry has designed in different finishes and sizes. Decocer’s options suggest generating drawings and patterns by combining different shades to generate unlimited effects.

Common Tile Shapes with Irregular Patterns

We all know and love the common shapes of tiles such as squares or rectangles, but the industry has taken creative liberty to upgrade these designs. From three-dimensional aspects to pops of color, there is nothing ordinary about the use of some of these ceramic tiles.

Decocer has traditional rectangular sizes, but also elongated pieces of great singularity, such as 5x50 cm. In contrast, the smallest is 5x15 cm. With these, special designs can be achieved by changing the standard placement and altering sizes. 

CERACASA_Sunset1.jpgSunset Collection by Ceracasa


Bondi by Bestile is available in six different shapes, from triangles to diamonds and even arabesque and fans, the placement of these tiles are what make them unique. The new Sunset collection from Ceracasa are also available in a broad selection of sizes. These tiles feature a handmade ‘vintage’ aesthetic with colors such as terracotta, aquamarine and more.

The Lins series by Yonoh are, in fact, square tiles, but with an extremely detail-oriented twist. The collection is fueled by color and three-dimensional details. Crisscrossing lines etched on each piece in the line interplay with light to transform wall surfaces into huge murals.

VIVES_Pop Tilev.jpgPop Tile by Vives


Who said ceramic tile shouldn’t have bright, pops of color? Pop Tile by Vives takes us back to the 1960s with styles that reflect the vibrant character of an era full of iconic elements. The shapes embedded into each square tile seamlessly enhance an area in a unique way.

“In terms of the graphic that's on the tile, we're seeing a lot more pattern natural, either vegetative, floral or plant matter or a mix of vegetative and animals prints for wall installations. A lot of these things that are very similar to like a wallpaper or graphic sort of situation,” said Fasan. 

Beveled Tiles 

NATUCER_Malta1.jpgMalta by Natucer


Rustic design has been on the rise in trending décor within the past few years. Beveled pieces, better known as the pieces used in the subways of the big cities, are a unique take on normal rectangle tiles. They can give you the brick farmhouse vibes while still ensuring the durability and finish of ceramic tile. Offered in five different colors, Malta by Natucer is a new collection with handcrafted character and an untoned finish. The irregular edges found in beveled tile increase depth within the design.  

The square sizes are the most traditional and easy to install, and adapt to any room. It is a simple and symmetrical shape, which fit perfectly with both classic and contemporary styles. 

Decocer has the usual ceramic size—the well-known 10x10, 15x15 and 20x20 cm—and in a wide range of colors, graphics and finishes. The usual option is to use a single color or the same piece. As a decorative proposal, it is recommended to look for combinations with pieces with different graphics or colors to achieve special visual games.  

Decocer_Alba_Heritage1.jpgAlba Heritage by Decocer


As for future trends, Fasan predicts the versatility of simple geometric shapes in tile will continue to grow in popularity. “We're kind of in a sweet spot right now where people are liking the ability to add embellishment with geometric shapes. The simpler the forms are, the more versatile they are in terms of what you can do, like adding them with different collections or just creating your own unique style within that collection. I think what a lot of people are looking for is very clean and simple thoughts that aren't overly complicated.”

Hexagon, triangle, circle, square and rectangle shapes will continue to be popular. 

“I expect those clean, simple lines with really smart and understated sort of embellishments and designs on the surface of those shapes to continue for next year,” Fasan added.

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