Homeowners are expanding their primary bathrooms and adding in premium flooring, according to a new study by Houzz.

The platform for home remodeling and design published its 2023 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study that surveyed nearly 2,000 respondents. One in five homeowners enlarge their primary bathrooms during renovations (22%). Closets, bedrooms and hallways are the most common areas for homeowners to draw square footage from for their bathroom expansion (44%, 24% and 7%, respectively). One in six homeowners created a larger footprint for their bathrooms via an addition (17%). Following renovations, nearly three in five bathrooms measure 100 square feet or more (59%). 

The national median spend for primary bathroom remodels jumped 50% to $13,500, from $9,000 in 2022. For those doing “major” renovations, which include shower upgrades, median spend grew 33% year over year to $20,000. The median spend for primary bathrooms that are 100 square feet or larger is $25,000, compared with $15,000 for bathrooms smaller than 100 square feet. 

More than 4 in 5 homeowners upgrade flooring during a bathroom remodel (83%) and one-third of those opt for nonslip floors outside of the shower (33%, up 6 percentage points from 2022). Other premium flooring features include waterproof material and radiant heating (31% and 29%, respectively).

With the added space, it’s no surprise that more than three in five homeowners also increase the size of their shower (61%), with 20% going significantly larger (more than a 50% increase in size). Common styles include low curb, alcove, curbless and corner showers (43%, 42%, 24% and 21%, respectively). More than two-thirds of homeowners also incorporate premium features in their upgraded showers (67%), including rainfall shower heads, dual showers, body sprayers and thermostatic mixers (54%, 20%,16% and 14%, respectively). Some showers even include a freestanding tub (3%). 

The majority of homeowners rely on professionals to help with bathroom renovations (86%). While cabinetmakers, interior designers, bathroom designers and architects were all hired more frequently this year (23%, 14%, 14% and 10%, respectively), general contractors saw the most significant increase (53%, compared with 48% in 2022).     

The overwhelming majority of homeowners choose sustainable options for their renovated bathrooms (87%). The most popular are LED lightbulbs, water-efficient fixtures, a timeless design, energy-efficient features and light dimmers (62%, 46%, 44%, 34% and 34%, respectively). Cost-effectiveness in the long run and environmental friendliness are the reasons cited most frequently for sustainable choices (69% and 54%, respectively).

Two-thirds of homeowners address special needs during primary bathroom renovations (66%), up from 54% in 2021. The current and future needs of aging household members are the top priority (38% and 50%, respectively). 

Wood is now the color of choice for upgraded vanities (33%), followed by white, gray and blue (29%, 13% and 8%, respectively). White continues to dominate as the most popular color for countertops and walls, both inside and outside of the shower.