Tarkett has revitalized its iQ Granit Specialty homogeneous sheet flooring collections, which include iQ Granit SD, Granit Safe.T, and iQ Granit Acoustic. The updated collections feature new color palettes that coordinate with others in the iQ family, iQ Granit and iQ Eminent. 

Inspired by natural stone, Tarkett’s iQ homogeneous sheet flooring is designed for the most demanding healthcare, life science and education environments, serving as the resilient benchmark for performance, flexibility and the ever-changing need for acuity adaptable spaces. The company keeps health and wellness top of mind with a focus on healthy materials, as well as ease of cleaning and maintenance. The iQ name stands for “intelligent quality,” which is apparent through its design and manufacturing process, as well as its impact on health systems’ bottom lines.

In clinical settings where infection control is a priority, iQ’s superior flexibility enables an integral, easy-to-cove detail without cracking to support infection control protocol. All iQ products are scientifically engineered to prevent the spread of infection, simplify care and maintenance, and support better indoor air quality:

  • Continuous, uninterrupted surface with heat-welded seams
  • Superior scratch resistance
  • Easy to clean with neutral cleaners
  • Withstands the weight of heavy rolling loads
  • Chemical- and slip-resistant
  • Continually restored with simple dry buffing—no wax or finish needed for the life of the floor (excluding Granit Safe.T)

For spaces that require an elevated level of comfort and protection, the iQ Granit Specialty solutions provide advanced safety and performance—from controlling static, to mitigating risk of slip-and-fall accidents, to softening acoustics.

Protecting both people and equipment is iQ Granit SD, a permanently static-dissipative vinyl flooring for use in laboratories, clean rooms and ESD-sensitive areas in hospitals. It is available in 14 colorways, ranging from dark neutrals to warm beiges and soothing blues and greens.

For heavy-traffic and wet areas where slip-and-fall accidents are a concern, Granit Safe.T provides additional traction for a confident grip in lobbies and for bare feet around patient showers. With a protective finish, the surface is safe from stains and is easy to maintain.

Quieter healthcare settings have been shown to improve clinical efficiency, diminish stress and support the healing process. In education environments, dampened noise levels increase student performance, including memory retention, motivation, reading ability and test scores. iQ Granit Acoustic reduces impact sound by 15 dB to support better outcomes for everyone in the space. Its calming palette is designed to support moments of stillness and quiet reflection.

Granit Safe.T and iQ Granit Acoustic are each available in 24 colorways. All three Specialty collections harmonize with the broader, recently expanded iQ Granit family, as well as iQ Eminent, new to the North American market as of August 2022.  

Each of the Granit Specialty collections contains no chemicals of concern, including PFAS, antimicrobials, and ortho-phthalates.

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