Proxy by Mannington Commercial is a PVC-free resilient flooring collection crafted with realistic wood visuals.

The collection is 100% PVC-free and 100% free of ortho-phthalates, PFAS, halogens, plasticizers, chlorine, heavy metals and conflict materials. Boasting EPD and HPD certifications, the Proxy Collection is also Declare Red List Free. Additionally, each product’s embodied carbon is offset 105% from cradle to gate, further reducing negative environmental impact.

“The Proxy Collection is setting a new standard in PVC-free resilient flooring,” said Mannington Commercial’s Director of Sustainability Shane Totten. “There are very few resilient flooring products in the market today that offer the environmental benefits and transparency that Proxy offers. The collection is proof that commercial resilient flooring can be both artistic and environmentally responsible without sacrificing one for the other. We’re excited that Proxy can help designers achieve both the design and environmental aspirations they have for their projects.”

The palette of primarily warm neutral tones was developed to support the evolving nature of interior spaces where wellness is becoming a primary consideration. All the colors and various wood grains intend to provide both a welcoming and contemporary feel. In addition to eight wood options, two stone visuals create a feeling of calm that is also aesthetically pleasing. The patterns pair nicely with other interior finishes. The entire line can be used in multiple environments including healthcare, education and workplace areas. Whether the space is designed to be soft and minimal or highlighted with accents, this entire line can be the perfect partner.

Proxy includes Mannington Commercial’s innovative Quantum Guard Elite technology, which protects the surface layer against wear, peeling or separation. A limited 15-year commercial warranty and limited 15-year Quantum Guard Elite® warranty ensure this beautiful, durable and sustainable PVC-free resilient flooring will perform for years to come. Made in the USA, the collection is produced in facilities certified to ISO 14001, supporting local economies with conservation-minded manufacturing.