Ecore International, a global leader in the recycling and transformation of reclaimed materials into innovative, performance-driven surfaces, announces its strategic acquisition of Ameritread Remanufactured Tires, a Pennsylvania-based company specializing in the remanufacturing of certified reconstructed tires. 

“This acquisition bolsters our access to vital recycled materials and aligns perfectly with our mission to transform waste materials into environmentally responsible, high-performance solutions,” said Art Dodge, CEO of Ecore. “Ameritread’s dedication to remanufacturing tires mirrors our commitment to the circular economy, and we will continue to lead the industry in sustainability.”

For more than 40 years, Ecore has been transforming rubber waste, upcycling in excess of 300 million pounds annually. The company uses recycled rubber to create more than 1,500 different products, including high-performance flooring, pour-in-place playgrounds, athletic fields, mulch trails and more.

Ameritread, operating as Truck Stop Supply Company LLC, is headquartered in Newville, PA, and boasts a dedicated team of 17 employees. The company excels in the culling, refurbishing and reselling of used tires, giving them a new lease on life as high-quality, certified reconstructed tires.

“This strategic acquisition secures our access to a reliable source of tire scrap from an existing supplier and introduces valuable culling capabilities into our portfolio,” said Kal Krishan, President of Ecore’s Materials Business Unit, who will oversee the Ameritread business. “This, in turn, opens doors to revenue enhancement and propels us up the value chain within the circular economy. We are excited about the increased sustainability benefits this acquisition will deliver to our customers.”

Ecore and Ameritread share a commitment to identifying opportunities for synergies and integration that will further contribute to the growth of Ecore’s expanding family of companies.

This acquisition of Ameritread complements Ecore’s earlier acquisition of 360 Tire Recycling Group, a leading tire recycling management company, in April 2023, strengthening the company’s portfolio of sustainable solutions.