AHF Products launches two vinyl composition tile collections (VCT) under the AHF Contract brand: Iliad, which boasts 20 contemporary colors in a fresh new pattern design, and Highlights, which boasts 25 vibrant hues.

Produced in the USA in Kankakee, Illinois, with global and domestic content, AHF is the only domestic manufacturer of VCT. The company’s VCT is in stock and ready to ship.

Iliad Collection

Iliad draws inspiration from the cultural treasures of ancient Greece. Iliad’s fresh colors – with names like Dynastic White, Noble Blue, Glowing Light, and Valor Green – echo the hand-crafted imperfections and subtle hues of ancient stones. Its sun-bleached colors are reminiscent of archaeological finds. The VCT tiles are constructed to produce a top-to-bottom true-through color pattern that allows the surface to remain the same as wear and tear takes a toll.

Highlights Collection

Highlights boasts 25 colors like Santorini Blue, Delphi Fog, Vermilion Flame, Phoenix Plum, Aphrodite’s Kiss, and Parthenon Pine. Designers can make a bold statement and create accents, borders, wayfinding, and custom insets with Highlights. Perfect for educational environments, these bold colors combined with Iliad’s soft and neutral hues ensure lasting beauty in high-traffic commercial spaces. With this wide array of colors and visuals, AHF Contract VCT retains its color, pattern, and appearance longer and has the durability and gouge resistance to withstand heavy foot and rolling load impact. 

VCT: Design Forward, Built to Last 

Part of VCT’s appeal is that in addition to its inherent properties — durability and proven performance, for example — there is the ability for designers to create a very customized design through color and texture.

“Architects and designers can trust VCT to perform for decades, while helping to keep overall project costs within budget. There is also a water jet process where a school logo or custom artwork can be water-cut into VCT. There is almost no limit to what designers can do with vinyl composition tile,” says Yon Hinkle, vice president-product management, AHF.

VCT’s main ingredient is 85% North American limestone. It is FloorScore Certified for low VOC emissions and its light reflective colors help conserve energy. VCT not used at the manufacturing plant gets recycled right back into the process to make new VCT. The floor has a five year commercial warranty and Iliad’s exclusive “Fast Start Factory Finish” helps protect and mitigate damage during installations and saves time on initial maintenance.

Daily maintenance is as simple as a wet mop and a natural cleaner. A routine scrub and polish every four to six months will keep high-use hallways and classrooms looking like new when today’s students are grandparents.

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