A few months ago, I received a letter from the Turton Family in Ohio thanking us for our environmentally responsible product - Marmoleum. Mrs. Turton shared with us her story on why she chose Marmoleum for their recently built, simple, non-elegant (her words) 2,000 sq. ft. brick ranch nestled among the trees.

They upgraded the insulation, doors, and windows, and purchased energy efficient appliances, and used a toxic free paint. Their budget was a strict one, but she explained why those upgrades were important to her family - the environment and health concerns. Their daughter is seven years old and has been on an inhaler for asthma since she was three. They have spent many sleepless nights helplessly holding her while she coughs.

When they began the building process, they wanted to have a home that would be healthy to move into and healthy to live in. When it came to the flooring choice, Marmoleum was number one and she was not going to budge on it! They love the floor. Everyone who sees it loves it and they take every opportunity to tell them all about it. Mrs. Turton has also supplied their pulmonary doctor at Children's Hospital with a box of brochures. She was pleased to see these brochures were set out in the lobby so other patients can learn about this wonderful product!

Her letter went on to say they feel good about the decisions they made for their home. They would have liked to do more but expenditures were limited. They chose to do without many of the little "extras" to obtain quality and peace of mind. As a result, "we have a healthier home," says Mrs. Turton.

They used Marmoleum in their kitchen, dining area, and bathrooms. Her letter went on to say they planned to put it in their daughter's room when they could and she hopes our company continues to prosper and help families and the environment.

Her wish is our mission! I contacted Springfield Carpet One in Ohio, who did the Marmoleum installation for the Turton's. They agreed to partner with us to make their daughter's bedroom a healthy one. Forbo donated the material and Springfield Carpet One donated the labor. The Turton's were very excited when I contacted them with our offer of a bedroom makeover!

We wish the Turton's a healthy and happy future filled with much joy and fewer sleepless nights.