Carpet cushion manufacturer Carpenter Co. has established a licensing agreement that gives the company exclusive use of the Odor-Eaters brand name and technology for carpet cushion and odor/stain removal products.

Carpenter's Odor-Eaters Carpet Cushion System employs enzymatic technology to eliminate odors and organic stains - such as pet urine, dairy products, food, and bloodstains - from carpet and cushion. The system combines two bonded cushions with a spill-proof laminate film that prevent liquids from saturating the cushion where they can harbor odors and damage the subfloor.

The laminate is treated to release natural enzymes that eliminate odors, the company says. The second part of the system is Odor-Eaters Odor and Stain Remover for Carpet, sold in a 32-oz. spray bottle. It treats spills that do not penetrate the carpet backing.