156 Mannington Laminate's iNNOVATION Flooring Selection Center

Mannington Laminate Floors has unveiled its new Laminate iNNOVATION Flooring Selection Center and the iCORE Flooring Selection Center display systems. The iNNOVATION Flooring Selection Center is an 8-foot, 2-inch-tall display system designed to showcase the Mannington Traditional, Historic, Exotic, NatureForm and iCORE lines. The center includes a new slat wall with snap-and-fit rails.

Room scenes accompany all large samples to spotlight the impact of the flooring's design. The center features literature holders, and also lists features and benefits of the available laminate product options. The entire unit is fully illuminated and display headers clearly designate the various collections.

The iCORE Flooring Selection Center was created to give retailers who already have 4-foot Laminate Plank Flooring Selection Centers a complementary iCORE display system. Designed to coordinate with existing Mannington displays, the 2 1/2-foot-wide iCORE Flooring Selection Center display includes 15" x 24" showroom samples and 5" x 12" take-home samples. For details, circle 156 on the Free Information Card.