"Regionalization not only makes the conferences more accessible, but the smaller size and peer panel discussions will encourage more question-and-answer periods and increase opportunities for interaction between members, and between members and management," said Flooring America President Evan Hackel.

Conferences will be held in Dallas on October 7-8; Denver on October 17-18; Philadelphia on October 21-22; and Nashville on October 24-25.

As many as 150 members and their staff are expected to participate in each of the regional conferences, which are one-fourth the size of the spring national convention.

"With the smaller size, we will be able to take members into a real live showroom, versus the normal large convention hall. This is a great learning opportunity for our members," Hackel said.

The upcoming conferences encompasse two half-day sessions. Subjects on the General Session agenda include the introduction of new products, Flooring America University On-line, and research analysis of competing large home centers. Peer Panel discussions will be held on the recently introduced Star Service program and on direct mail advertising strategies.