Manchester, N.H. -- Flooring America released final plans for its Fall Conference today, which it will conduct for the first time at four conference sites across the country.

"Regionalization not only makes the conferences more accessible, but the smaller size and peer panel discussions will encourage more question-and-answer periods and increase opportunities for interaction between members, and between members and management," said Flooring America President Evan Hackel.

Conferences will be held in Dallas on October 7-8; Denver on October 17-18; Philadelphia on October 21-22; and Nashville on October 24-25.

As many as 150 members and their staff are expected to participate in each of the regional conferences, which are one-fourth the size of the spring national convention.

"With the smaller size, we will be able to take members into a real live showroom, versus the normal large convention hall. This is a great learning opportunity for our members," Hackel said.

The upcoming conferences encompasse two half-day sessions. Subjects on the General Session agenda include the introduction of new products, Flooring America University On-line, and research analysis of competing large home centers. Peer Panel discussions will be held on the recently introduced Star Service program and on direct mail advertising strategies.