Pacificrest Mills has applied Solutia’s new Prismatic carpet fiber to the mill’s Chicago, St. Louis and Memphis commercial styles. The carpets combine multiple colors with high-luster and low-luster yarns, resulting in dimension, texture and depth.

The complexity of the colors juxtaposed with tinted metallic/opalescent fibers is designed to be evocative of high-fashion apparel styling. Because of the refraction of light, each colorway features up to 26 tonal effects, according to Pacificrest Mills.

Chicago features precision tip-shear design in a multi-level loop and cut-loop construction. St. Louis provides a more linear look in complementary rows of low- and high-luster fibers in a multi-level loop graphics format. Memphis is the smallest scale offering in the series, with multi-leveled enhanced loop graphics in a 26-ounce product.