LAGRANGE, Ga. - Milliken Carpet's new ColorSource technology, which the company recently unveiled during a special roll-out presentation for select dealers and trade media, gives consumers an unprecedented number of color choices for carpet selection, according to the company.

Milliken has organized its initial 270 solid-color choices on 24-by-40-inch sample "blankets" that each contain a palette of 15 related shade variations, to allow consumers to make easy color comparisons.

Colors include Riviera Bieges, Bayou Landscapes, Everglade Greens, Palace Purples, Napa Burgundys, Kona Spice, and Sahara Sun. These selections are available in five different bases - a textured Saxony, straight-set Saxony, two friezes, and a textured loop.

All of the currently available colors are merchandised via the new in-store Milliken Decor Center display, which features a "Your Color, Your Lifestyle" theme. The sample blankets cover 18 color palettes.

"ColorSource is designed to provide a solution to the consumer's demand for more color choices, and revolutionize the home decorating process from the ground floor up," said Rob Beistline, market manager for Milliken Carpet.

All carpets in the line, which feature type 6ix nylon fiber, are treated with the new Scotchgard protector and stain release. The carpets, which are being offered at a suggested retail price of $14 to $32 per square yard, are covered by a seven-year limited warranty for soil and stain resistance as well as a 10-year warranty against matting and crushing.