Tandus Group Inc. recently announced the appointment of Ralph Grogan as president of Monterey Carpets. Grogan will be responsible for all business operations at Santa Ana, Calif.-based Monterey.

Prior to his new appointment, Grogan served as president of Burlington House Floor Accents. Before that, he was vice president and general manager of Lees Carpets. Tandus also said that it will operate as an umbrella organization to support its Monterey, C&A and Crossley product brands. The sales organization of each brand will represent all products and services to a narrowly focused customer base. As a result, the Monterey sales organization will now promote C&A and Crossley to professional designers.

Likewise, the Monterey and Crossley brands will be added to the C&A sales force for end-use sales. The Crossley organization has represented all three brands since early 2002.