Mapei ProFloat and Mapecem Premix

Pro/Float by Mapei is a polyethylene grid system that is made to be fastened to the floor and then floated with Mapecem Premix high-strength mortar mix. The system - which was designed to allow for same-day tile installation - has no seams, will not rust or deteriorate, has high compression strength, is compatible with thinset mortars, and can be used on horizontal or vertical planes in interior and exterior applications, Mapei says.

Pro/Float is packaged in carton-sized units for easy transport. It is available in a 1/4-inch grid for residential uses and in a 7/16-inch grid for light commercial applications. In addition, Pro/Float is included under Mapei's single-source warranty system, which covers everything from the underlayment to the grout, the company says.