Illinois-based distributor FloorStar Sales has opened a new location in Romeoville, Ill. Along with the 440,000 square feet of space - an addition of 170,000 square feet - the service center will include the office of the company's new president, Scott Rozmus.

Rozmus, who took over the position from F. Wade Cassidy, CEO, put it succinctly. "New building, new president."

"Making sure the new building and new president coincided was by design of Wade, the owner," Rozmus explained. "He wanted to send a statement to the marketplace, that FlorStar Sales is building for the future."

Previously, FlorStar's warehousing was houses in two separate Chicago locations three miles apart. The inventory in both buildings was segmented by product category, which caused some headaches when a customer wanted to mix products from different segments, Rozmus said.

"It was inefficient, because outbound deliveries had to be consolidated between the two buildings," Rozmus said. "We had to shuttle the products back and forth to fill the orders."

In addition to having inventory housed in one building, the Romeoville location offers another advantage. "We own the land around the building, and we have the opportunity for 25 percent additional capacity," Rozmus said. "This site will address our needs for growth and expansion for the next 10 to 15 years."