Computer programs for the flooring industry

Comp-U-Floor business software
designed for retailers/installers

Aya Associates introduces Comp-U-Floor software for Windows, a fully integrated business solution built with Microsoft .net technology. Designed for use by flooring retailers, distributors, importers and installers, Comp-U-Floor features a modular design, making the product highly customizable, according to Aya Associates. Comp-U-Floor is designed for use by retailers, installers, distributors and manufacturers.

Blue Cove
Blue Cove's PlanPoint package
adds muscle to flooring business

PlanPoint Software, new from Blue Cove Technologies, aims to simplify the administrative business process for flooring dealers and installation companies. PlanPoint can calculate material costs and coverage, schedule jobs and generate reports on multiple facets of business. In addition, the product comes pre-loaded with installation patterns - such as pinwheels, basket weaves and corridors - to help calculate the amount of material needed.

EI Software
EI Software's new Creations
gives peek of finished installs

New from EI Software is Creations, a design software package that can paint images of flooring and other materials into an existing photograph to help users visualize the final look of an installation. Paint, wallcoverings and other building products can also be added to the final image. All images are crisp and clear, EI says.

Floor Pro III
Floor Pro III software new from
American Business Computers

FloorPro III by American Business Computers Inc. is a software system designed for the flooring industry. Via a Windows graphical user interface, FloorPro III fully automates all aspects of business, including order processing, inventory control, purchasing and accounting, the company says. "Wireless Warehouse" software included in the package supports barcode scanning and printing, truck routing and manifests. In addition, customers can check available stock, place an order and print a confirmation receipt directly through the Internet.

QFloors software designed
to track inventory and costs

QFloors is a comprehensive business management system, featuring inventory control, product definitions, sales commissions, job costing, barcoding, taxes, reports and open-ended accounting. The Windows-based system features an easy-to-use interface, according to QFloors, and comes pre-loaded with formatted pricing formulas.

RFMS unveils three products,
including new B2B software

RFMS presents its new measuring software, called RFMS Measure. Used in concert with the RFMS In-Home Solutions program, the software integrates takeoff estimating, calculations and processing via easy-to-use modules, the company says. RFMS also provides B2B ECommerce software, aimed at helping dealers transact business electronically with suppliers and mills.

Hudson Horizons
Hudson Horizons software
allows stores to update websites

Hudson Horizons has rolled out its DMS Dynamic Management System. Designed for use by retailers, distributors and manufacturers, the DMS provides comprehensive page management of company websites. Through the system, users can control and manipulate online text, images, product specifications and custom scripting, Hudson Horizons says, In addition, DMS gives visitors to the site the ability to run product searches, the company notes.

RollMaster's NetFloor system
net-based, training-enhanced

RollMaster introduces NetFloor, a flooring business management software program. The Internet-based software offers full functionality with B2B features, RollMaster says. The company offers workshop training for the software both online and by appointment.

CDMS system streamlines jobs
in carpet dealer's day-to-day

CDMS produces the Carpet Dealer Management System, designed to streamline operations for both single and multi-store locations. The system includes software modules for processing inventory, purchasing and sales, as well as an integrated accounting system that allows users to create their own financial statements. All CDMS systems feature Point of Sale, Special Pricing, Bar-Coding and B2B functions, the company says.

Dancik's new manager
tracks potential leads

Dancik International's Selection Sheet Manager enables users to track customer selections and search via certain criteria. Since the software maintains a central database of all selections, customers can be searched via name, address, builder, contractor or designer, regardless of which showroom the customer originally visited. Selection Sheet Manager also includes an appointment calendar for each showroom and sales representative, and automates a list of follow-up reminders, Dancik says.