The Carpet One Magic Carpet Time Tour.
Carpet One has launched the Magic Carpet Time Tour, a new community outreach program that utilizes live theater to share the joy of reading with children. The show will be scheduled at schools nationwide to promote reading at the pre-kindergarten level through to the second grade.

Developed with Radio Disney, elementary-level reading and children’s theater specialists, the hour-long program combines creative storytelling with education-based live theater. The program features the Carpet One Magic Carpet Time Travelers, including characters such as the day dreaming “Al” and the all-knowing “Genie.” Throughout the performance, participating pupils sit on their very own “magic” carpet squares donated by Carpet One and the local Carpet One member.

The tour is the result of months of research to identify a program that would support local communities where Carpet One members are located. The company surveyed their members and learned that improving schools and helping children were top priorities in most communities. Schools were looking for ways to encourage children to read and also stated that they would appreciate carpet squares for children to sit on during story times and other activities.

After each show, the schools will keep donated carpet squares for future library and classroom use. Carpet One estimates that it will donate more than 240,000 square feet of carpet in the first year of the program.