From left: Joe Taylor and Sheila Menzies are presented with the 2003 Carl V. Cesery Award by TCAA President Les Lippert. Behind Lippert is Fred Caccese, chair of the Cesery Committee.

Joseph Taylor and Sheila Menzies, co-founders of the Tile Heritage Foundation in Healdsburg, Calif., were recognized at TCAA's recent 100th anniversary convention. The pair received the Carl V. Cesery Memorial Award at a special luncheon attended by more than 150 TCAA members, spouses and guests. The award honors individuals who have served the American tile trade with great distinction.

Taylor and Menzies co-founded the Tile Heritage Foundation in 1987. Taylor, a writer and educator, serves as current president of the foundation and editor of its publications. Menzies serves as the foundation's treasurer, the primary designer of THF publications and coordinator of its educational events.