Wear-Dated’s new Max DuraBull will be the focus of consumer education effort.

The newest member of the team at Wear-Dated carpet fiber is Max DuraBull, who has been enlisted in the company's efforts to educate consumers on how to buy carpet and care for it after the purchase. "Max is a lovable symbol that will remind our retailers and their customers of the durability that the Wear-Dated carpet fiber brand brings to carpet," said Wear-Dated's director of consumer marketing Jody Williams. "Reaction so far among our retail trade has been very favorable. We see lots of potential for building on this concept to endear our female consumer prospects to the brand as well." After debuting at Surfaces 2005, DuraBull will be used at carpet retailers and Wear-Dated events to help drive home the theme "You'll Wear Out Before Wear-Dated Does."