Domco Tarkett Inc. has announced its intention to change its corporate name to Tarkett. This move, which follows months of customer interviews and a global strategic survey, will serve as the cornerstone for additional brand initiatives to be unveiled at Surfaces in January 2004.

"With virtually half of all North American product sales and the majority of global sales currently distributed under brand names containing Tarkett, this (change) became the natural choice as we move to leverage our full potential in the marketplace," said Ulf Mattsson, president and CEO of Domco Tarkett.

Tarkett Sommer AG, Domco Tarkett's majority shareholder, will also use Tarkett as its corporate name moving forward, according to Mattsson.

Under the new brand architecture, Tarkett sheet vinyl and tile, Harris Tarkett hardwood flooring, Domco laminate floors and Tarkett Sommer commercial products will transition to the new Tarkett identity. The company will continue to support its Azrock VCT and Nafco LVT products as important sub-brands under the Tarkett umbrella. The Domco brand will be supported through a dedicated management team and clearly differentiated products, services, promotions and merchandising, the company says.