Pergo is launching a Pergo-brand wood flooring line in the U.S. market. The new Pergo wood flooring will be sold through the Lowe's home-improvement chain, which includes more than 950 stores in North America.

Pergo is most well known in the United States for its comprehensive line of laminate flooring. The launch of its new wood products was undertaken to capitalize on the company's strong brand position in the U.S. market, as well as its marketing and distribution capabilities, Pergo said in a written statement.

"By adding wood flooring, we provide our customers with a wider choice of flooring products," said Goran Bernhoff, Pergo Group president and CEO. "Also, this addition adds synergies both in distribution and in logistics." This new product will be called Pergo hardwood. The offering is available in two different widths and 16 decors. The floor will be positioned as the premium hardwood product sold through Lowe's.