The five sponsoring organizations of Coverings, together with the event's new show management team, have announced a 26 percent reduction in cost for material handling for exhibitors.

The reduction in rates is due to a change in general service contractors for the show. In response to numerous requests for improvements in cost control and customer service, NTP has hired Freeman Decorating to replace the former service contractor.

Coverings has also announced other cost savings for exhibitors, including a 10 percent decrease in the cost of furniture rentals, a 50 percent decrease in the cost of booth packages and a 19.5 to 30 percent cost reduction in cost for ground rigging.

The sponsoring organizations of Coverings include ASCER (Spain's Ceramic Tile Manufacturers Association), Assopiastrelle (Association of Italian Ceramic Tile and Refractories Manufacturers), CTDA (Ceramic Tile Distributors Association), NTCA (National Tile Contractors Association) and TCA (Tile Council of America). For more information on attending or exhibiting at Coverings 2004, visit or contact NTP at (703) 683-8500.