EverSet Technology new from the Mohawk Group

The Mohawk Group has introduced its new patent-pending EverSet Technology. This carpet protection system, in development for more than three years, was created expressly for the high-traffic environment of the commercial marketplace.

Even the most damaging spills such as betadine, mustard and fabric dye will not affect carpets featuring EverSet Technology, according to the company. Additionally, EverSet Technology is guaranteed against any color water bleed problems. In short, stains and spills are unable to chemically attach to the nylon fibers, according to Mohawk.

Initial EverSet Technology will be available in a select number of patterns from the Mohawk Group family of brands, including Karastan Contract, Durkan Commercial, Mohawk Commercial, Bigelow Commercial and Durkan Patterned Carpet. The EverSet product will be offered with a lifetime warranty.