Domco has extended its Extreme Warranty program on selected products and incorporated a color-coded system that identifies each category by its styling direction, its performance features and its pricing. The move is an integral part of Domco's overall strategy to clearly differentiate among its product lines, so that retailers have an easy sell and consumers can make an educated choice when shopping the Domco brand.

The Red category denotes a 20-year warranty and includes Influence, Domco's flagship glass-backed product introduced at Surfaces 2004. The Blue category designates products with a 15-year warranty and includes the popularly-priced Vintage, Cerama, Cerama Flex and Image lines. Previously, each carried a 10-year warranty. The Orange category includes the economical Rustic with a 10-year warranty, an increase of three years over the old program. The entry-level Green category includes Customflor and Customflor Flex, which now carry a 6-year warranty, up from 5 years under the old plan.

Additionally, Influence carries a 10-year warranty for light commercial installations and the promotional 75000 DMM Series carries a 5-year warranty.

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