141 Domco Natur-all resilient flooring

Domco has added to its Natural Wonders Collection the all-new Natur-all resilient sheet line. Designed to replicate the appearance of natural surfaces, Natura-all combines chemical and mechanical embossing processes with the low-gloss PVC Gemglaze wearlayer to create its unusual texture.

The new line is composed of six nature-inspired designs - Domaine, Activa, Citation, Infinty, Lumina and Quartet - in 18 colors. Domain and Activa feature 12-inch ceramic tile patterns, Citation and Lumina are available in 6-inch tile patterns, Infinity creates a 9-inch ceramic visual, and Quartet combines 9-inch-square and 4 1/2-inch-square blocks for a geometric look.

The Natur-all line, which features the Sani-Safe Protection additive that fends off mildew and odor-causing germs, comes with Domco's five-year Extreme Performance Warranty against rips, tears, gouges, scuffs, moisture, and defects. For details, circle 141 on the Free Information card.