Faus Inc. has welcomed T&A Supply/Inland-Northwest Distributing into the Fausfloor family. The distributor, with branches in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, will offer the Fausfloor Masterpieces, Essentials and Classic Americana lines.

According to Steven May, T&A vp marketing, the distribution agreement is in keeping with the company's efforts "to distribute the most innovative and design-oriented products in the market."

T&A, a 46 year old distributor, recently merged with Inland-Northwest Distributing with an eye toward expanding its customer base in the Pacific Northwest. According to Katie McGrady-Allman, Fausfloor national sales director, the distributor is a "powerhouse" in the region.

"This combination is a win-win for the entire channel, and I'm confident we will have great success in this market," she said.