Roppe's Terra Naturals Solid Vinyl Tile is being used in the penthouse set of NBC's The Apprentice.

Roppe Corp. flooring will set the stage from which Donald Trump pronounces to his minions "Your fired!" The flooring maker's products will appear for the fifth consecutive season of NBC's hit reality show "The Apprentice." The company's products are featured in four areas of the entrepreneurs' penthouse: the living space, kitchen, recreation area and bathroom.

"Having Roppe's products installed on the set of all five seasons of this popular reality show truly demonstrates Roppe's commitment to creating quality flooring products that combine durability with unique floor designs in any setting," said Roppe spokeswoman Dee Dee Brickner.

Production designer Kelly Van Patter initially opted to install Roppe products on the set. Various rubber wall base and tile products have been used during the previous four seasons. Season five features a "Trump-inspired" theme for which Van Patter selected Roppe Terra Naturals Solid Vinyl Tile, according to Roppe.

The Apprentice airs Mondays at 9/8c.