John Stern

Hardwood flooring veteran John Stern has said goodbye to Kentucky and hello to Louisville. Stern, who sold the company he founded, Kentucky Wood Floors, to Koetter Woodworking two years ago, has launched Louisville Wood Floors.

Stern said the startup, which is based in its namesake city, will "provide the discriminating specifier a broad selection of high quality specialty hardwood flooring and accessories." He noted that the product line will include a wide variety of patterns, domestic and imported wood species "from Ash to Zebrawood."

In announcing his plans to launch Louisville Wood Floors, Stern acknowledged that he had not intended to return the business so fast. "When I left Kentucky Wood Floors [in July], I had intended to ‘take a break' for an indefinite period of time." He said he was enticed back into the business by two factors: "Many in the industry urged me to reconsider and assist in providing for their specialty hardwood flooring needs. And second, I actually missed the contact and the excitement of the day-to-day action."

Stern, who founded Kentucky Wood Floors in 1977 and remained with the company after the acquisition, announced his departure in a letter posted on the company's web site.