Here's an alarming bit of healthcare news: According to the American Heart Association, heart disease kills more women each year than all forms of cancer combined. Alerted to this sobering fact-and mindful that most of its customers are women-the management at Flooring America is determined to make a difference.

This month, the retailer is set to launch the first in a series of semi-annual "Red Tag Sales" designed to raise at least $250,000 for the prevention and treatment of heart disease. According to Debi Binder, Flooring America's vp of marketing, the partnership with the American Heart Association is a good fit for the retailer. The exclusive arrangement also positions the company as the only member of the floor covering industry involved in the project.

"We are always looking for ways to help get our members involved in their local communities and also build our brand nationally," she said. "With the Go Red For Women campaign, we are able to do both."

Apart from raising donations and corporate pledges, the initiative is aimed at encouraging preventative measures and early detection. It is one of the ways Flooring America is working with the American Heart Association to help raise awareness about "this silent killer," Binder notes.

Binder says the Red Tag Sales are important because they help a worthy cause that is often overlooked. Additionally, the company's participation helps enhance the retailer's image as an active participant in the communities its members serve. Flooring America's umbrella marketing effort also highlights the efforts taking place at the store level. There are also plans to schedule independent "Go Red For Women" awareness events.

"We want to highlight the local members," Binder says. "We want to make them profitable and also help build the brand. We are really pleased with the response so far. There is already a number of members who have written checks for Go Red For Women."