Alloc’s new all wing display showcases 96 product boards in a minimal footprint.

Alloc-the originator of the glueless, mechanical locking system for laminate flooring-has introduced an exciting new alternative for showroom display: the new “All Wing” display. In addition, Alloc is offering a “Wing Transformation Kit” so that distributors may convert Alloc’s existing display to a wing-only display. This convenient option is made to order and is readily available for placement in the market.

The All Wing display was developed in direct response to ideas and requests from Alloc distributors who sought the ease and maximum viewing capacity of a full wing rack.

“We work in close partnership with our customers,” explains Claes Wennerth, president of Alloc. “We listen and respond to their needs, and we are constantly seeking ideas to serve them better-while building our presence in the marketplace.”

The All Wing display is designed to maximize a small footprint on the showroom floor with power-packed product display. The rack offers 24 wings, with four products showcased per wing, for a total 96 easy-to-view products. The well-crafted racks are engineered to open easily and do not fall closed, making the display very consumer-friendly.

Importantly, both the full All Wing display and the Wing Transformation Kit are simple to assemble and come complete with everything needed to finish the unit in style. From the hardware to the brand signage, these displays require minimum labor to be showroom-floor ready.

“We believe in quality and fine design not only for our products, but for our merchandising systems as well,” Wennerth states. “Our All Wing display is attractive and very functional.”

Certainly, expanded display capacity is important for Alloc, as the company is continuously rolling out new products. For all its product lines, Alloc is creating new finishes and styles, and the All Wing display provides an exceptional means of showing products in an inviting manner.

“Quality is the cornerstone of what we do,” says Wennerth. “From quality products and displays to quality relationships with our customers, we strive to be a leader in our industry.”

All Alloc product lines may be viewed