Continuing its effort to position hardwood as a highly sustainable, environmentally friendly flooring material, the National Wood Flooring Association has formally adopted a seven-point Environmental Policy. The St. Louis based trade group said the goal is to encourage environmentally sound practices throughout the hardwood flooring industry.  

    “The adoption of this policy is part of the NWFA’s continuing commitment to achieve positive changes within our industry that can impact the world’s environment for generations to come,” said the NWFA .  



The seven points in the policy are:  

*Promoting the use of wood flooring as a renewable, environmentally friendly and sustainable flooring choice.

*Expanding the knowledge and information available about the effects of our products and services on indoor air quality and the environment.

*Reducing wasteful uses of natural resources.

*Advancing the use of recycled, renewable and reclaimed material, wherever possible.

*Maintaining an ecological balance from the forest to the floor.

*Encouraging the use and development of non-hazardous, environmentally friendly adhesives and coatings.

*Preserving the health of the world’s forests and protecting them from illegal logging by obtaining documentation for all imported wood.  


“Along with these initiatives, the NWFA further pledges to continue to study the forestry, manufacturing, distribution and installation practices within our industry, with the objective of perpetuating our planet’s healthy forests, air and water for future generations,” said the NWFA in a statement. In addition, the trade group said it will support “green building “ programs including the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the Green Building Initiative’s Green Globes, and the National Association of Home Builders’ Model Green Home Building Guidelines.