Getting the job done on time and within budget all hinge on the quality of tools used. Profitability will go right out the door if your tools constantly jam and break. Arrow Fastener tools are widely recognized for their superior quality, durability and reliability. 2006 marks the 77th Anniversary ARROW FASTENER, one of the oldest hand tool manufacturers in the United States. Quality craftsmanship is the cornerstone of the Arrow Fastener Company. The company’s longevity and its precision made tools have made ARROW the preferred brand of choice by professionals in various trades. Arrow tools are like a good friend; they never let you down.

Arrow’s specialty electric stapler for the flooring industry, the ET150 ProShot® 2, packs 14 Amps of power without the need for a cumbersome air compressor and hose, and is the first narrow crown power tool to bear the ARROW famous brand name.

Narrow crown staples hold a special place in the fastening world. Since their crown widths are much smaller than those of traditional staples, they leave almost no visible evidence after they have been driven into place. The crown widths of the ET150 staples are just 3/16” (5mm) wide, which is perfect for completing carpet and carpet runner installations.

This professional ARROW tool shoots three different size narrow crown staples: 3/8” (10mm), 1/2” (12mm), 9/16” (14mm). To customize driving power, the ET150 features a penetration adjustment dial. This enables the user to vary drive power based upon type of wood and material thickness. Another advantage of this gun is its 7/8” (22mm) extended nose for staple placement in tight corners.

The ET150 is powerful and compact. Beneath its lightweight die cast aluminum housing, the PROSHOT® 2 packs extraordinary muscle to drive staples flush. Its shortened profile lets you work in the snug space of stair risers.

ET150 PROSHOT 2 Narrow Crown Staple Gun with Custom Molded Case


  • Patented jam-proof mechanism for trouble free use
  • Hardened high carbon steel working parts
  • Anodized aluminum channel
  • Built-in 10 foot cord
  • Exclusive ON/OFF trigger safety lock
  • Contoured grip for comfort
  • Drive depth control dial
  • Easy to remove front cover for quick access to the staple chamber.
Made in the USA, the ARROW ET150 PROSHOT® 2 includes a durable custom-molded storage case and is available at contractor outlets, home centers, lumber yards, and fine hardware stores every where. For more information about this product or other ARROW products, visit our website