Anderson’s Appalachian Colonial Manor, Hobnail

The Anderson Family of Brands has unveiled a new, unified look. An updated company logo, creative advertising and brochures, and a refreshed Web site are all part of the new positioning. It was designed to highlight an approach that drives Anderson to create innovative and exceptional hardwood floor designs through a philosophy centered on style.

Style is continuous and linear, never changing. And even though a style is not always ‘in fashion,’ it is still a style. As a result, Anderson provides hardwood floors that appeal to many different styles while continuing to offer the highest quality hardwood flooring options.

Anderson’s Appalachian Colonial Manor, Mountain Lullaby

Most homeowners today are attempting to use their home – mostly their floors – as extensions of their own individual and unique style. In order to meet this requirement, Anderson creates hardwood floors that are authentic and unique, easy to maintain, add value to the home and maintain their appearances over time; yet, they are durable enough for everyday use. The result is a well-designed home with a floor that is inspired by your personal style.

A perfect example of this style philosophy is the Anderson Family of Brands recently launched 3/4” solid Colonial Manor product line, yet another first for one of the original pioneers of the industry. This hardwood floor combines an antique appearance with rustic character for a visually striking installation. Additionally, the Colonial Manor line installs faster than traditional sand and finish floors with no mess – a benefit for all. Adding to the striking visual presence of the wood is a 25-year finish warranty that is more resistant to wear than site applied finish. Anderson also offers a three year commercial finish warranty and the company’s exclusive Luster Lock finish to reduce scratches.

Anderson’s Appalachian Colonial Manor, Smokehouse

Made exclusively of hickory wood, the Colonial Manor line is very strong and resilient. The floor highlights a range of color variations with knots and streaks of mineral colors creating the perfect floor. In addition, the floor can also be purchased in individual widths of 2 1/4”, 3 1/4” or 4 inch widths, unique design options and a board by board look that ensures your individual style comes through.

The benefits of the Anderson Family of Brands’ Colonial Manor line are plentiful and can make any room a central point of your home. More importantly, Anderson allows homeowners the opportunity to showcase their own personal style through a well designed hardwood floor.