The Pallmann product series assortment ranges from sealants to oil-wax Systems, to care and cleaning products. Anything needed for the surface enhancement of wood and cork flooring.

UFLOOR Systems, Inc. is the North American subsidiary of the Uzin-Utz Group, Germany’s premier manufacturer and marketer of an extremely comprehensive line of installation products for all categories of flooring. The firm takes a “systems” approach to the marketplace. In other words, when a customer is installing a floor, UFLOOR Systems will provide every product and every tidbit of technical expertise to ensure the project is very successful.

When it comes to the company’s product offerings, the firm proudly states that it provides “FLOOR INSTALLATION SYSTEMS WITH EVERYTHING BUT THE FLOOR ITSELF.”

The UZIN brand offers an across-the-boards system approach with innovative products for all kinds of floorings. For the United States, UFLOOR Systems is focusing solely on our wood flooring installation systems.


UFLOOR Systems’ comprehensive product range includes three divisions:

UZIN® subfloor preparation materials and installation adhesives. The UZIN brand offers an across-the-board system approach, with state-of-the-art products for all types of flooring.

PALLMANN® surface treatments for wood flooring. The range features everything from sealants through oil-wax systems, to care and cleaning products, and takes careful consideration of environmental and health concerns.

(Left to right) Mattias Liebert (president) and Andreas Renz (operations manager).


SIFLOOR® brand stands for the development, production and sale of innovative high performance dry adhesives, which can be removed residue-free – GUARNTEED. This procedure sets new standards for glue-down floors in the industry. All SIFLOOR products are odorless and are guaranteed free of solvents, resins and softeners.

UFLOOR Systems, which will be launching its product range at Surfaces 2007, is guided by Matthias Liebert, President, and Andreas “Andy” Renz, Operations Manager. “We believe in partnering with our clientele,” Liebert stated. “UFLOOR Systems is a one-stop source for everything necessary relative to flooring installation. We believe that every installation is unique. Because of that, we are committed to recommend the best possible system consisting of floor prep materials, adhesives and surface finishes... to ensure that the floor is installed correctly. In addition to these recommendations,” continued Liebert, “we offer world-class technical assistance to our customers, as well. Although we’re new to America, our firm has been around for more than 90 years. We feel that UFLOOR Systems, Inc. has much to offer the marketplace. And, we’re focused to do that!”

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