Mohawk Industries has partnered with Global FloorCare Solutions to form a national network of authorized floorcare service centers.

Founded by Brian and Trecia Warren, both former Mohawk executives, Global FloorCare Solutions will oversee the Mohawk FloorCare Essentials Professional Network, a licensing program that will function in similar ways to authorized service centers for appliances or automobiles.

FloorCare members will pay membership fees, use Mohawk-approved equipment and products, and be required to meet quality and service standards in order to use the Mohawk name. Retailers of Mohawk products can refer customers to the service centers for professional floorcare needs, and will also be able to offer service plans with the initial flooring purchase.

“The true definition of a brand is the consumer’s experience with a product and service throughout its lifecycle,” said Manny Llerena, vice president of retail and marketing for Mohawk. “This is the only way we can ensure the integrity of our brand.”