Berry Floor benefits from the utmost confidence of both professionals and consumers

“Loft Select – Virginia Oak 3 strips”

For Berry Floor, 2006 was a breakthrough year in the American market. By listening attentively, engaging in dialogue and developing close ties with distributors and retailers, this manufacturer of high-quality laminate has succeeded in earning the confidence of laminate-loving America.

Intensive cooperation.

No two markets are alike. Each has its own special characteristics, an insight that results in tailor-made approaches for each specific market. This is why Berry Floor called on a thoughtfully organized panel of American distributors, installers and consumers, while still in the product development stage. The result of this intensive collaboration is a laminate assortment perfectly in tune with the needs of the American consumer and - how could it be otherwise? - earns far greater praise.


The growing success of Berry Floor can also be found in the great efforts made by the company to keep its distributors informed of the many product innovations and promotions which provide benefits to both consumers and distributors. And then there is the extensive sales support…. displays, deckboards, newsletters, mailings and much more, all distinctively tailored to the American market. But the overwhelming key to Berry’s success is undoubtedly the extremely favorable price/quality ratio of the product assortment. This is the key that distinguishes Berry Floor in more than 15 countries and has led to the company’s success.

Key year.

2007 is therefore destined to be the year of confirmation for Berry Floor. The year in which a media campaign will once again emphasize the strengths of the brand and the advantages for the distributors. 2007 will also be the year in which rapidly rising sales will add to the confidence of the distributors an provide an extra boost to the category.


Berry Floor will leave no stone unturned in doing all it possibly can to further strengthen the position it has gained on the American market through new decors, such as Berry Floor Lounge with long, narrow boards and the surprisingly stunning combination of Berry Floor Regency and Residence….floors with differing widths that can be mixed on the same job! Moreover, Berry Floor will soon be heralding a new era with the introduction of an extremely subtle V-groove, a new tile assortment, and, last but not least, a new generation of the DropLock installation system that has been further fine tuned for an even smoother installation.

Information and inspiration, 24 hours a day.

An important instrument for communication to both end users and professionals is the, with the most recent info on products, technical specifications, accessories, installation method, maintenance, warranties and so on. Consumers will also find a handy room planner on the website that allows them, with just a few mouse clicks, to discover which laminate floor best fits their interior. And they can also locate the nearest retailer in an instant!

Berry Floor….Laminate that will light up your life!