Manny Llerena (left) of Mohawk stands with Global FloorCare Solution’s Trecia and Brian Warren during the launch of Mohawk FloorCare Essentials Professional Network.

DALTON- Embracing a model that has long been a staple of the automotive and appliance industries, Mohawk is rolling out an ambitious plan to license its name to U.S. floor care companies. The company said the national network of service centers will help enhance brand recognition while increasing long-term consumer satisfaction of Mohawk flooring purchases.

To accomplish this, Mohawk has created a strategic partnership with Global FloorCare, a company run by former Mohawk executives Trecia and Brian Warren. Global FloorCare, which recently helped Mohawk develop the FloorCare Essentials line of cleaning products, is licensing Mohawk’s name and in turn sublicensing it to approved floor care providers who become part of the Mohawk FloorCare Essentials Professional Network.

The program, which officially launched in late July, already has about 10 independent Mohawk Authorized Service Centers operating across the country, as well as around 75 retailers that are also offering floorcare services under the Mohawk banner. Global said it has already received about 150 applications from independent floor care professionals, and is planning on meeting with additional members of the industry at the upcoming Connections Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas this month.

The Mohawk Authorized Service Centers will provide consumers with carpet cleaning, hardwood refinishing, tile and grout cleaning and area rug cleaning.

Structured similarly to a licensing program, floor care companies who join the network will pay a membership fee and will be required to use industry-approved equipment and products. They will also need to uphold Mohawk’s standards of service and performance, according to the company.

Techniques and processes used by Mohawk-sanctioned floorcare professionals will include nontoxic, soap- and detergent-free hot-water extraction as well as 100 percent dust-free wood refinishing. Membership involves an application process, approval from local retailers, and a visit from a Mohawk brand director, who will ensure that the floorcare professional meets with Mohawk’s standards.

“The true definition of a brand is the consumer’s experience with a product or service throughout its lifecycle,” said Manny Llerena, vp retail marketing for Mohawk. “This is the only way we can ensure our brand is upheld.”

According to Global FloorCare, retailers will benefit by being able to better support their customers through education and referrals as well as being able to extend their relationship with their customer throughout the five- to seven-year cycle of flooring purchases. There are additional perks for retailers for recommending a Mohawk Authorized Service Center, including referral certificates and discounts on cleaning for their stores and their homes, the company added.

Additionally the program allows Mohawk to better maintain the quality of its flooring once it is in consumers’ homes; connect the sales and service elements; and drive more business back to retailers, Mohawk said.

Mohawk’s goal for the first year is to create authorized service center coverage in the top 50 metro areas, followed by secondary and tertiary markets. The company is focusing on independent retailers to promote the authorized service centers. While there are no specific plans to extend the program to commercial applications, “there’s no telling what this can expand to in the future,” said Llerena.

“We are looking at all options and opportunities to put the message out to the consumer about proper floor care and where to find it,” added Global FloorCare's Brian Warren.

Members of an advisory board of carpet cleaning professionals said that the use of the Mohawk name will help increase credibility, and the referrals from retailers will help generate new business.

Advisory board member John Maples, founder/president of Dekalb, Ill.-based Ecosteam, said he has ordered five new trucks bearing the Mohawk logo with Mohawk-certified equipmen.

“From my perspective as a service provider, this is as close to a silver bullet as I can get,” he said. “I anticipate we’ll become one of the largest service providers in the state-that’s my goal.”