TAU Cerámica develops innovative models in 45x90 format designed to increase decorative versatility for floor and wall tiles and also for ventilated façades


TAU Cerámica is presenting new ceramic covering models in a 45x90 format, which was a big hit when it was presented at the recent Cersaie trade fair and which is now being expanded with a number of unusual new decorative products.

The most striking thing about the wide-ranging catalogue of new products from TAU Cerámica in the 45x90 format is their versatility, given that the technical and aesthetic properties of these porcelain tile models make them ideal for application in all kinds of spaces, both indoors and out, for use as floor or wall tiles, and even in ventilated façade systems. Indeed the company is carrying out considerable research in this latter area with the aim of offering a full range of architectonic solutions.

Specifically, and to coincide with the fair being held in Bologna, TAU is presenting six new aesthetic ideas in the 45x90 format, three of them in a more modern, cutting edge style, two of them more conventional, whereas another of these lines goes for a metal finish. This latter offers a leather-effect texture and look.

Iron is the only product which is also available in a polished version. Because of its innovative look and the smoothness of the textures, this model is perfect for application on commercial premises and façades. Iron is available in three colours (white, grey and copper) and also in 45x45 pieces. This is another product often found on outside finishes, with a very demanding anti-slip index.

Aluminium is another step forward in TAU Cerámica’s commitment to metals; a road on which the company set out when it launched the Corten series two years ago. In this case the company’s designers have managed to reflect the appearance of large sheets of aluminium on the surface of the pieces, with elegant contrasts in the shades and dazzling glints of light and matt shimmers on various parts of the piece, achieving a perfect symbiosis with the original material from which it draws its inspiration. Similarly, and in order to adapt to each of the aesthetic effects that each user is attempting to achieve, Aluminium is available in white, beige, network and black.

TAU Cerámica has also new products for more traditional tastes, such as the Ancona and Espot series. In the case of Ancona, TAU Cerámica offers a design inspired by the elegance and restraint of Macael marble, and it comes in two versions: white and beige.

Finally there are two more new products from TAU Cerámica that draw on the latest fashion and decorative trends. The Napa series was inspired by natural leather and is available in beige, earthenware, brownish grey and black. Also new from TAU Cerámica is the Portland series, where the tiles give the effect of a cement flooring finish. It has been enthusiastically welcomed by the company’s customers who now have this product in a 45x90 format for the first time. Portland is designed to provide personality for more minimalist, cutting edge spaces.